Managing Director of 3D-VIZ. COM AG worked for more than 15 years as a renowned advertising photographer for various international companies. 

In 2000 he came to Switzerland and is one of the founding directors of 3D-VIZ. COM AG. Since then, he has been intensively dedicated to the development of 360° photography technology.

He describes himself as a perfectionist with a penchant for excellent technology.


Write to me directly:

info at 3d-viz. com



The system for shooting and formatting with maximum workflow

Since about 17 years, the photographers and development team at 3D-VIZ.COM have been perfecting the technology at the heart of professional 360° photography. The result is an innovative, superior, modular, high-end system that recognized as the leader in the field of professional photography.


Product photography is first profitable, when the workflow is right

It‘s often the placing and mounting of products for 360° photography that determines whether or not a job is profitable. If preparations are too elaborate or if many test turns are necessary to center the product, the calculated margin disappears.

Our fixtures have been developed like building blocks. In just minutes, a holder which is perfectly-designed to fit your product can be swapped in or out. You can shoot a coffee machine on an opal plate and then a ring on a jewelry fitting or a watch in a clamp fixture and – minutes later – a bicycle on a large bracket. These modular accessories are one-of-a-kind.


Professionals work best with professional equipment

Our technology integrates perfectly into your studio. Lighting, tripods and all conventional camera systems are compatible. There’s no need to buy anything new or replace your dearly-purchased and familiar and trusted professional equipment. Based on your budget and needs, we offer three different systems which work seamlessly with your existing equipment.


Leading online-companies rely on our system

Our customers value our intuitive operating system, our high precision, our compatibility with all commonly-used camera and lighting systems and the reliability of our Swiss-quality products. 

Would you like more information or a product demonstration? Then contact us!

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