The software to control your shoot.

For optimal control of picture quantity, position and speed.


Intuitive, professional, programmable.

3D-VIZ CTRL Vorteile

- From 2 to 360 pictures per turn

- Acceleration and deceleration

- adjustable speed

- F-Settings. By Using the FKEYS you can set up own

  positions. (F1 to F11) (sample:  F1:


- CW and CCW 

- Stop process and continuous process

- Photo and Video - Mode

- Set able pre trigger Delay (1 to x sec.)

- Set able post trigger Delay (1 to x sec.)

- Mac 10.10 and higher


The browser based software for post-production of 360° product photography.


Fast, efficient, customizable and always up to date. Click here for a free trial.


- Little effort as service and care is taken by us

- Browser updates are updated on the server side so that not all files have to be regenerated and replaced

- Boarder (type and color), viewer size, background colors, rotation speed, rotation direction, etc.
  can be configured in seconds, even afterwards

- For photographers (reseller): Customer loyalty to your customers is increased and an additional monthly 

  revenue stream is generated

- Easy handling, only the link must be integrated into the website

- Permanent run ability on all standard browsers and mobile devices

- Look can be changed in seconds. A product that has been in the shop
  for a longer time should look new?
  Set the turn to a different design with just a few clicks:
  Week 1:    http://my360viewer.com/view/HANDY2/7188ce4cb59a98d8
  Week 2:    http://my360viewer.com/view/HANDY/33ab8d1c03f3a929



- No advertising in HTML Viewer

- "Download Originals"
  You can download the uploaded original images at any time from which computer
  you like and wherever you are.

- "Download HTML"
  The created HTML can be downloaded if your customer don't want to use the online version
  and prefer to host the files on their own server.


- "Share"

   Share function for many popular platforms


- "Selection option"  You can select two or more turns over which an action should run.

- Bulk Actions:     "delete selected turns"
                              You can delete several turns at once.

                              "download originals"
                              download several sets of original images at the same time.

                              "apply preset"
                              Change the design from x turns at once in seconds by
                              applying a preset to selected turns simultaneously.

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