The software to control your shoot.

For optimal control of picture quantity, position and speed.


Intuitive, professional, programmable.

3D-VIZ CTRL Vorteile

01)  From 2 to 360 pictures per turn

02) Acceleration and deceleration

03) adjustable speed

04) F-Settings. By Using the FKEYS you can set up own positions. (F1 to F11) (sample:  F1: 10;25;35.5;90;270)

05) CW and CCW 

06) Stop process and continuous process

07) Photo and Video - Mode

08) Set able Pre trigger Delay (1 to x sec.)

09) Mac 10.9 and higher

10) Windows 7 & 8


The software for post-production

of 360° product photography.


Fast, efficient, customizable.

3D-VIZ TOOL Vorteile

01) Can be saved on desktop

02) HTML programming within under 1 minutes

03) No HTML skills necessary

03) Coming with 1 Standard HTML Template.

04) With or without Zoom

05)Fast loading viewer made especially for mobile phones.

06) Single-, batch processing or processing by drag and drop.

07) Has an interactive html output

08) Input field for output naming.

09) Barcode scanner for input of output names possible.


Includes complete Cloud solution

01) always up to date

02) the client only gets a link, so the

embedding is very easy.

03) Easy management of your turns at one

central location.

04) Change all viewer settings afterwards


05) No extra software (e.g. FTP, WebDAV)

necessary to upload your turns.

06) Mac 10.9 and higher

07) Windows 7 & 8